Author: skidaddle-o3o

Original imagine: Imagine Sam & Dean hunting the ghost of a child that died on Halloween

Warnings: violence, language (I guess? This is SPN, after all…), death of a minor

Word Count: So many

Notes: Takes place early in series


“Dean…? Dean?”

The name felt like lead on Sam’s tongue, so thick and heavy that he wasn’t sure if the syllable had actually made it past his lips.

The only reason he was aware of something cutting into his neck was the trail of red that was marking a small pathway against the stark fabric of his shirt. The dark suit and tie that usually accompanied the white-collared look were missing, but he couldn’t remember why.


His brother’s name seemed to drop soundlessly into the dark space before him. Everything felt heavy. Dull. Maybe he was dreaming.

But dreams shouldn’t smell of dust and abandonment. They shouldn’t be framed by cobwebs and wallpaper so aged that their floral design has faded into funeral bouquets. They shouldn’t have flickering candlelight and robed figures looking down on you.

No, dreams shouldn’t be like that.

But Winchesters don’t have dreams. They have nightmares. Sam smiled ruefully at the thought as he sank back into the sweet, welcoming peace of darkness.

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